How to set colour mapping when rendering to GIF from Vault

UPDATED: March 22, 2017

When rendering documents to GIF, Vault has a limited internal pallette for colour mapping, which may not closely match the colours in the original documents.

To resolve this, the user will need to create a custom colour pallette which instructs Vault about the specific RGB colour values to use (does not work with CMYK colour).

To create this, the user needs to create a text file called client.pal, and insert lines containing the colour values required, for example:

104 74 142
184 169 197
193 179 203
199 187 208
205 195 211
211 203 217

Once the values have been entered, this file needs to be saved to the root of the render folder in the Vault installation.

When rendering to GIF, if there is no client.pal file, Vault will use its own colour pallette.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Render


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