How to test new installation of EngageOne Delivery Audit with dummy scans

Product Feature: Testing installation
Operating System: Windows Server 2012

Before installing and configuring EngageOne Delivery Audit on the Production environment, it is recommended to test the configuration in a Test Environment. Following are the details about the data and steps that is needed to proceed with the test.

Contact Pitney Bowes Software Support for following data:
1. Upload utility required for uploading ACS and Confirm scans.
2. Test data (Job, ACS and Confirm Scans)

After receiving above data, follow steps needs to be performed:
1. Copy the Job file in the Hot Folder '<EODA_Install_Folder>\PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery Audit Data\Data Manager\jobs-hotfolder' and wait till Job file is processed.
2. After the processing of Job is over, then copy the scans (Confirm and ACS) i.e .txt and.pkg files into a 'Test folder' (Say C:/Test)
3  Open Command Prompt(START | CMD and Run it as administrator).
4. In CMD, navigate to Upload utility folder (recieved from PB Software Support).
5. Run the command 'UploadEventsAndACS.exe <space> <path of test folder>'.


6. Open Data Manager Database and navigate to 'large_message_queue'. Verify the status of the InputFileProcessMessage, UspsAcsScansReceivedMessage and UspsConfirmScansReceivedMessage. For more information on each status refer section 'Managing the Large Message Queue (LMQ)' in Data Manager Operation guide shipped with product documentation.
UPDATED:  December 14, 2017