How to use the Subject Site Batch utility in Confirm®

Product: Confirm®
Product Feature: Customer Services
The Subject Site Batch utility allows the batch allocation of an Action Officer, and (where the Bookings Module is present) a Booking Type, to Sites and Subjects. This will override the Action Officer, and the Booking Type, set for the Subject (entered in the Enquiry Subject lookup), based on the Site selected in the Enquiry. 
Create and UpdateCreates new Subject Site records as well as updating existing ones
UpdateOnly updates existing Subject Site records
RemoveRemoves existing Subject Site records
Use the upper part of the form to determine whether the allocation is for an Action officer, or a Booking Type (or both) by checking, or unchecking the boxes. Only checked fields are available for selection of an Action Officer, and/or a Booking Type.

Use the filter options in the lower part of the form to define the Type of Service, Enquiry Subject and range of Sites for which this Officer has responsibility, or which will carry the Booking Type.

You may filter based upon Site or a Named Selection (Has Features in Named Selection). There is a Named Selection button on screens such as the Feature screen which will save the records you have retrieved. You can then use this selection on filters that have a Named Selection option. The Named Selection button is also on the Data Source results screen and is enabled if you have the Feature screen set on the Linked Tables tab of the Data Source.

Click OK to run the batch. A preview will be displayed listing the Subject/Sites that will be assigned to this Officer. Save the Preview to assign the Subject/Sites. 

The batch may be run several times for the same Officer or Booking Type until all the appropriate Subject/Sites have been allocated.

Please Note:
There is currently no utility in Confirm® that allows you to move Enquiries from one subject to another en masse. This could be undertaken by Confirm Professional Services and may be chargeable.
UPDATED:  June 12, 2017