How to automatically roll wrapper.log by date in Spectrum

UPDATED: June 5, 2017

Follow these steps to configure Spectrum™ Technology Platform to roll the wrapper.log file by date.
  1. Open the <Spectrum>/server/bin/wrapper/wrapper.conf file in a text editor.
  2. Edit the wrapper.logfile property to add the "YYYYMMDD" format pattern in the file name.
  3. wrapper.logfile=../app/repository/logs/wrapper_YYYYMMDD.log
  4. Add the wrapper.logfile.rollmode property and set the value to DATE.
  5. wrapper.logfile.rollmode=DATE
  6. (Optional) Edit the wrapper.logfile.maxfiles property to set the number of days for which log files should be retained.
  7. Save the changes to the wrapper.conf file.
  8. Restart the Spectrum™ Technology Platform services.

Environment Details

Products Affected:  Spectrum™ Technology Platform
Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Operating System: Windows, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris


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