How to produce separate presorted mailings from one input Name-Address file using MailStream plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
MailStream Plus™ has an option called 'Batching" using the B CODE parameter.  By pointing B CODE to a location and length in the input records, a separate 'Batch' is created for each group of records that have the same value.  Each batch is presorted separately as a separate mailing. 

So for example if B CODE points to position 1 for a length of 1, and some records have A there and some a B, there would be a separate mailing/presort for the A mail pieces, and for the B mail pieces.

The output of all batches will be in the same Name-Address output file.  The organization of how they come out in the file can be controlled using the SRTFLD or SRTFLn parameters.  By default, the pieces come out sorted by Entry Point, and within each entry point by Batch.

Only one Mail.dat file set will be produced which will include all the batches.
UPDATED:  May 15, 2019