How to Understand Basic Extent Logic for Confirm Site and Feature Geometry

Product Feature: Mapping
This article should help you to understand basic extent logic for Confirm Site and Feature geometry. By this we mean the theoretical geometric boundaries created by the use of two extents and/or a centroid, not spatial geometry (polygons).

Please see the attached document. The first image shows theoretical Site and Feature boundaries - essentially a draft of what the user perceives the boundaries to be for a particular site. 
  • Red Line = theoretical Site boundary
  • Blue Dots = centroid (ctr) and extents 1 & 2 of the Site
  • Green Lines = Feature boundaries, in this case for grassed areas
The second image demonstrates the actual boundary registered into Confirm - quite simply a rectangle is created based on extents 1 & 2 of the site. This rectangle is shown in purple.

The same logic would apply to Feature boundaries for Features having extents 1 & 2. So the same logic applies to the grassed areas.

Point Features, for example dustbins, lamp posts, etc, are pinpointed with a Centroid only.

ConfirmConnect devices will detect sites based on a 250 metre proximity. The device user at the centre of circle 1 in the diagram  is further than 250m away from our Site, therefore ConfirmConnect will not detect that the user is in the Site's vicinity. 

The device user at the centre of circle 2 in the diagram  is within 250m of Site, logically show here by his/her circle intersecting the purple rectangle. ConfirmConnect, therefore, will detect that the user is in the Site's vicinity. This Action Officer will be able to register work against this Site in ConfirmConnect.
UPDATED:  June 26, 2017