CSM-1197 (MDMSCI) not in Mail.dat 17-1. The field is now the same as CSM-1163 (on MDMFFI)

MailStream Plus™, all platforms, when producing 17-1 Mail.dat files
Up through Mail.dat 15-1, CSM-1197 (MDMSCI) was
"eInduction Misshipped Container Payer CRID"-
"USPS ID, when provided - precedes any eInduction invoicing default rules for other eInduction USPS Ids, such as Carrier/Transporter, eDoc Submitter."

The field was daggered out and is gone in 17-1

In 17-1, CSM-1163 "FAST Scheduler ID" now says-
"USPS CRID identifying the SCHEDULER of FAST appointments. Schedulers are allowed to file transportation updates on behalf of the mailer. When populated, this party becomes the responsible CRID for eInduction errors invoicing on mis-shipped errors in excess of scorecard thresholds. Left justify, space padded to the right, only digits 0 - 9 acceptable"

So when producing 17-1, use xx INF subkeyword MDMFFI to populate CSM-1163, and that CRID is also the responsible party for mis-shipped containers now.
UPDATED:  May 15, 2019