How to - Can the CODE-1 Plus programs be combined into one load library on the z/OS platform

Operating System: z/OS
CODE-1 Plus delivers two load libraries with each installation on the z/OS platform.   One is a PDS load library and one is a PDSE load library.  

If a customer would like to only maintain one load library with all the programs from both the PDS and PDSE load library, it is necessary to combine them all into a PDSE load library and not a PDS load library as the members in the PDSE load library will not run in PDS format.   The PDSE library contains DLLs and C programs and based on the naming convention of members with a suffix of DLL, and in order to build a C++ DLL, the binder cannot build a load module, instead it needs to build a "program object."   Therefore, while a load module can exist in a PDS or a PDSE, a program object MUST reside in a PDSE.  The reasons for this are numerous, but not all externally documented.  All programs in a PDSE load library are in program object format and a PDS does not have the capability for mapping into program object format while a PDSE can handle both load modules and program objects. 

Program objects support many new features that cannot be mapped into load module format. This is why you can always copy a member from a PDS load library to a PDSE but not vice versa.
UPDATED:  April 18, 2017