How to find a changelog for 4.0.10 release of Officemail

Officemail 4.0.10 changelog:

OFMA-2413    OFMA - driver allows direct printing in Adobe reader on x86 windows    
OFMA-2430    Print driver crashes - Email channel    
OFMA-2474    Driver crashes when double sided changes    
OFMA-2498    Status undefined for any job submission in Autosub    
OFMA-1669    Localization - Delivery centre name are different    
OFMA-1702    [SW] Client - Amyuni memory usage is high for large job    
OFMA-1731    Localization - Change "Lookup Argument" to "Lookup key"    
OFMA-1732    Localization - Dynamic switching of localization on the AWS    
OFMA-2094    AWS - Missing validation warning messages    
OFMA-2239    Client - Publisher unknown on Driver installer    
OFMA-2352    Client - Signature of Printer Driver is corrupt or invalid    
OFMA-2411    [RELAY] Mail merge jobs submitted from Print Driver/auto sub should have batch ID to correlate all these jobs    
OFMA-2423    Client - Copyright for Driver and autosub is 2007-2015    
OFMA-2436    Accounting - error on bundle list from token    
OFMA-2446    Polish language implementation for Client aplications    
OFMA-2447    Investigation of dynamic language switch on AWS    
OFMA-2448    Polish language implementation for UWS    
OFMA-2452    Implementation of dynamic language switch on AWS    
OFMA-2461    Windows 10 Compatibility with OFMA v4    
OFMA-2462    OFMA - Clean up functionality does not work on v4    
OFMA-2471    L10n: Untranslated strings in Auto Submission installer    
OFMA-2472    L10n: Inconsistent translation of 'Service' in Autosub PL    
OFMA-2475    Driver crashes when disable email channel    
OFMA-2476    Autosub 3.9 with 4.0.10 server issue on Windows 10    
OFMA-2479    L10n: Unlocalized status in Bundle on AWS.    
OFMA-2480    L10n: Unlocalized values in Window Type dropdown list.    
OFMA-2481    L10n: Inconsistent translation of the 'Select' button in the Polish version.    
OFMA-2482    L10n: Window Type options not translated    
OFMA-2493    L10n: Untranslated License Agreement in French Canadian installers    
OFMA-2495    L10: UWS: Improper layout of string "From" and "To" in Reports
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UPDATED:  November 3, 2017