Calculating 'Penalty Period' for 'Fixed Penalty Notice' in Confirm

Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) may not be given more than 91 calendar days after the commission of the offence, beginning with the day of its commission. Day cutoff time is 16:30 Hrs as considered by the Confirm. Any FPN issued after this cutoff time will be considered as issued on the next day and the calculation of calendar days begins from this day.

It should be noted that all time periods, unless otherwise stated,are in working days.The penalty is £120. The period for payment is 36 calendar days, beginning with the day on which the FPN is given. The street authority may extend this period at its discretion in any particular case.

For more details, refer section 'Time Periods' in 'Code of Practice for street work co-ordination' document.
UPDATED:  October 4, 2018