Viewing your history in SendPro online

UPDATED: June 22, 2018

  1. Select History > Shipping & Postage History.​
  2. By default, the Shipments tab is displayed, showing the history of your past shipments. To view history for other items:
  • To view the history of your USPS stamp and envelope postage printing, select the USPS Stamps tab.
  • To view the history of your postage purchases (refills), select the Postage tab.
  • To view the history of your USPS refund requests, select the USPS Refunds tab.
  1. To view the details of a particular item, select it in the list.
For more information about searching for a shipment in the history, see How to search for a shipment in SendPro.
For more information about exporting a history report, see How to export a History report in SendPro.

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