Which version of EngageOne server is compatible with templates from V6.x of EngageOne Designer.

Products affected: EngageOne® Server, EngageOne Designer

Templates from EngageOne Designer version 6.x (all versions) have been supported in EngageOne Server version 3.0 and above.

The release cycle for both Designer\Generate and EngageOne Server are kept in sync, so with each new major release of Designer\Generate (for example 6.6.9), there will be a corresponding EngageOne Server release (for example 4.4.9), and it is always best to keep the installation versions compatible with each other.

Testing an older version of EngageOne Server with templates from a later release of Designer\Generate is never carried out.  In view of this, if the decision has been made to upgrade the Designer environment responsible for building the EngageOne templates, but the EngageOne Server environment is not upgraded at the same time, it is possible to deploy the Generate module from the later version of EngageOne Designer\Generate into the earlier version of EngageOne Server.

For the latest release of EngageOne Designer and EngageOne Server, send an email to:

In EngageOne server version 4.4 and above, cross browser functionality was introduced, and if the user wants to deploy this, only templates from EngageOne Designer version 6.6 and above will be supported.
For more information about this functionality, refer to the EngageOne Server release notes and Interactive Users guide.

UPDATED:  June 17, 2019