How to Purge and Archive Spectrum Transaction History

UPDATED: August 29, 2017

Note: This may help reduce the size of the platform-jobsnapshot.pcl file if it's retaining an unusual amount of hard disk space.

You will be able control how much transaction history the server keeps in the database via the jmx-console.

To access the jmx-console follow the steps below: 

  1. In a web browser, navigate to http://<servername>:<port>/jmx-console .
  2. An Authorization Required pop-up will appear, enter your Spectrum administrator level credentials.

By default  purging, archiving is disabled. To enable, the following configuration properties will need to be set:


Archive Transaction Manager

#example config for purge all data after 45 days, no archiving:

User-added image
#example config for purge all data after 30 days and archiving transactions in excel file:

User-added image

With a purge/archive configuration, your data will be exported in excel spreadsheets for recodkeeping. Job and Process flows will be exported in separate files with limit of 2000 records per file. Standalone option ArchiveEnabled will have no effect.

Below are the available type of purge operations:

  • ALL - will delete all history data
  • SNAPSHOT - will delete data from SNAPSHOT classes only the other history information still untouched.

Purges can be performed by clicking Invoke in the Archive Transaction Manager.

 User-added image

Purge operations will perform purge/archive based on current settings. 


To be sure that the database size is reduced, you may perform an additional step to verify the database size is reduced:

Option #1

  1. After the first scheduled purge/archive executed or after purge operations on server stop the server. 
  2. After purge operation performed IT admin can open in jmx-console:


And invoke cleanHistory:

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IT admin may use this operations during maintenance only otherwise history data maybe corrupted.

Option #2

1. After first scheduled purge/archive executed or after purge operations on server stop the server. 
2. Run convert.db.bat - as administrator on windows or convert.db on Linux from: ../server/bin 
3. Start the server.

Environment Details

Operating System: Windows, Linux, UNIX
Product affected: Spectrum™ Technology Platform

Versions: 8 SP3, 9 SP3, 10 SP1, 11 SP1


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