How to verify if municipality is accurate for Canadian addresses

UPDATED: April 11, 2017

From time to time a question will come up as to the accuracy of what the PB Canadian postal coding engine returns as a matched address.  It is important to know the following in order to explain and or investigate an addressing inquiry.

1. We license the data from CanadaPost, we do not have the permission to add, change or update any of the data that we get from them.
2. Based on the CanadaPost data, we build a proprietary format of the data which is designed to be used with only PB engines.
3. The 1st place to check the address is to compare with how the CanadaPost website handles the input address.  You can test this at the Find a Postal Code link.
4. Interrogate the input using latest version of Canadian engine and database considering the return codes as returned from the PB engine.
4. If you believe the PB engine is returning in error, review with technical support who can pass along to engineering.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Interactive tool,addressing
Operating System: all
Database: Canadian



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