How to use the Overlay parameter in Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Spectrum Spatial Analyst administrators can create URLs using the Overlay parameters which can then be used to automatically display the SSA interface is a specific way.

Note that the parameters added to the URL will override the settings for the selected map configuration.

As a rule of thumb if any parameters are entered incorrectly they will be ignored and the settings for the default map configuration used instead.

Follow these steps to successfully launch SSA using a specific URL

1. Add the your required parameters,i.e.base, showNearest,showInfo, showMarker.

2. Add the overlays parameter (A comma separated list of map overlays to be toggled to visible when SSA is launched. The overlays must be included in the map configuration specified in the mapcfg parameter. Any overlays in the map configuration that are not listed will be toggled invisible. A user can change the visibility after SSA is launched using the legend control.)  i.e overlays= Development Map, Conservation Map.
Please Note: the overlays must call the NAME MAP not the NAME TABLE

3. The following URL below opens the planning map configuration with the Development Map business map visible,and the MasterMap base map displayed. An info click is automatically carried out at the specified location and
zoom level. The English locale is used.
Environment Details
Spectrum Spatial Analyst 8
UPDATED:  October 25, 2017