Scenarios that leads to generation of ".err" file when a ".kill" is submitted and fails in EngageOne Vault

UPDATED: December 4, 2018

Scenarios that results in the generation of.err file when using e2kill utility:
  • Unable to open the .kill script (e.g. permissions prevent it)
  • Database tag used but not database specified
  • Database tag used but database name is invalid
  • An index was requested but does not exist or does not have a valid configuration
  • An index was requested but is not the correct type for the command
  • Document vs customer
  • Account prefixed vs not
  • Attempt to use standard index in range
  • An "under account" index was used but produced a key larger than allowed
  • If an error occurs computing a date limit
  • Unable to open .drd file when deleting documents for entire file
  • Unable to read the customer record when searching for an account
  • The process couldn't remove a previous selection index
  • The process couldn't create the new selection index
  • No documents were found for any selection operators
  • The unindex operation failed
  • Unable to open next .drd file
  • It wasn't able to read the next document record or page array
  • Unable to open index or customer table
  • Error getting size of customer table file
  • Invalid account record pointer
  • Error reading customer record
  • Invalid document record (missing account or date)
  • Multiple account records returned when expecting a single match
  • Error reading account index
  • It could not open the .drd or .drp files when deleting records
1.The load process usually assumes zero length files are invalid and deletes them.
2.The individual kill searches are not required to find documents but at least one document does need to be selected overall. In case neither search found documents, that is no documents at all were selected, then this will be treated as an error and will result in the script being renamed to "Input File Name.err" in the work directory


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