How to tell what options there are for MailStream Plus presort, Palletization Plus, Manifest Reporting Plus, and DuoSort

MailStream Plus, all versions, all platforms
MailStream Plus
Presorts mailings for maximum postal discounts – in all mail classes, at every level allowed.
A Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation (PAVE) Gold-certified software, enables mailers of all sizes to maximize postal discounts for domestic mailing efforts using all classes of mail — First Class, Periodicals, USPS Marketing Mail (formerly called Standard Mail), and Package Services mailings — for all types of mail — letters, flats, and parcels. 
MailStream Plus generates extensive audit trail and mail production reports, and supports USPS electronic programs such as PostalOne!®, letting mailers assemble mailings efficiently to speed postal acceptance.  MailStream Plus also allows mailers to benefit from additional discounts and labor savings through drop-shipping, palletization, and manifest reporting.

Palletization Plus
This optional module allows mailers to palletize mail at all allowable USPS levels. Additionally, Palletization Plus lets mailers adjust the weight, height, or volume settings for each level and lets mailers easily shut off optional pallet levels. 

Manifest Reporting Plus
As mailings become increasingly complex, mailers must presort multiple piece-weight items at the same time.  The Manifest Reporting Plus optional module successfully tracks and reports for multiple piece-weight mailings while providing the proper documentation necessary for mailers to take advantage of the USPS Manifest Mailing System. 

The DuoSort optional module provides the ability to sort mail two ways in a single processing step.
-Software presort method (including manifest mailings) — DuoSort uses MailStream Plus to presort mail so it can be submitted directly to the  USPS and processed as a "bulk mailing." 
-Machine presort method - DuoSort prepares mail for presorting by a sorting machine such as an MLOCR (multiple line optical character reader).  DuoSort can sort mail to be more efficiently processed by an in-house or outsourced machine presorting operation. 
UPDATED:  August 9, 2017