Can you generate reports by Mail Piece type using Mail360 Data Manager/EngageOne Delivery Audit

Products Affected: Mail360 Data Manager, EngageOne Delivery Audit

Product Feature: Reports

Operating System: Windows

A Mail360 Data Manager user would like to be able to run a report to have their jobs for Flats jobs segmented from letters in the Mail360 Data Manager database.  Is this possible?
No, the mail piece type – ‘Flats or Letters’ are not a value that is captured in the Mail piece file presented to the Mail360 Data Manager.  So there is not a way to provide information or report by Flats versus letters.
 For available reports, please refer to the MAIL360 DATA_MANAGER/ ENGAGEONE DELIVERY AUDIT USERS GUIDE -
Appendix A: MAIL360 Data Manager™ Report Formats
UPDATED:  June 9, 2017