How to check your current trigger settings in OfficeMail

There are 3 possible ways to check your current trigger settings. 

1. At Admin Website at tab Triggers

2. At your Office Mail Database in table dbo.PrintTrigger

3. Inside Trigger File located in In folder after job submission.

A trigger is a one line text file with the extension .atr (A TriggeR).  Triggers are created by the Admin site and sent to the “In Box” of the bundling site that is controlled by the Admin site.  Not all admin sites control bundling / print sites.  Each bundling site has exactly one admin site.
When a trigger file is received by the bundling site it stays permanently at the site.  When it is received, and subsequently at the start of each day, or when a bundler is restarted the trigger is parsed.  If the trigger is fired on that day it is copied into the TodaysTriggers.TTR file. This file is a list of triggers firing on a given day.  It is called TodaysTriggers.TTR (TodaysTriggeRs). Some triggers will always be in this file.  Any quantitative trigger will be in here.  Triggers set to fire on a particular day (e.g. Monday) will only be present on that day.  If a trigger is present with the SUPRESSED value set then it will prevent printing on that day.  IMMEDIATE triggers have a higher priority than SUPRESSED and so they will still print. When a time trigger has fired (types 4 and 5) it will have FIRED in the appropriate field and will not fire again on that day.  The TodaysTriggers file is remade just after midnight each day and the old file is renamed with the date of the files creation and is then archivable.
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UPDATED:  July 25, 2018