How to make text of PDF output copyable in EngageOne Vault

UPDATED: August 4, 2017

1) Use fileinfo (executable located in Server\tools) to determine the resource set document is using. To output the Resource Set name, only parameter that fileinfo takes is name of .drp file. For example:
Fileinfo <..>/Server/DocData/<drp file name>.
2) Open a command prompt with elevated privilege (i.e "Run as Administrator") and browse to resource set directory - server/distrib/<resource eset>.
3) Execute afpsubstitute > fonts.ini.
4) Copy fonts.ini created, to Server/render/<resource set>.
5) Restart ALL Vault services.
6) Download PDF and examine the results.
PDF now exported with fonts.ini present in the <resource set> directory should have text copyable and less size.

In case issue is still unresolved, please contact the Client Support.

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