Does the MailStream Plus April 2017 Postal Reference files have the USPS updated L006a table

Product Feature: Postal Reference files

Operating System: All Platforms

The USPS sent out this notification:
You will be receiving an email stating that new labeling lists have been posted to EPF.
The only change is to the L006A effective 5/1/17 where duplicate/conflicting ZIP Codes (33016,  33018, 33301, 33323, 33327, 33330, 33332, 33394) were removed.
There are no other changes including the change document (1_update.txt) which is correct.
Labeling List Support
800-238-3150  “
The MailStream Plus 8.3.3 April 2017 postal reference files were just released.  Do they include the updated L006a table?
Yes, they do included the updated L006a table.
UPDATED:  April 7, 2017