Steps to set up EngageOne 3.1.X (deployed over JBoss 6.2) in clsutered mode are incomplete in Documentation

EngageOne series 3.1.2.x is deployed over JBoss 6.2, cluster environment configuration steps are not descriptive in Installation guide. In cluster, there are two nodes involved, however steps provided in documentation did not cover configuration for both nodes.

Documentation (EngageOne_3.1.2_InstallationGuide.pdf) of latest 3.1.2. contains complete and descriptive steps for configuration for EngageOne 3.1.X deployed over two node JBoss cluster. Refer section "Configure and deploy EngageOne on JBoss in a cluster environment" in EngageOne_3.1.2_InstallationGuide.pdf.
UPDATED:  May 19, 2017