How to insert a legend in to a layout window in MapInfo Pro 64-bit

UPDATED: August 22, 2017

There is no way currently to create a "frame" in a Layout window and then add a Legend to that specific frame as in previous 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro.
User's can, however, add a Legend to a Layout directly, without the use of a "frame".

1) If a thematically shaded map is created, MapInfo Pro will automatically generate a Legend:

User-added image

If a Layout is created (Layout > New Layout), then both the shaded map AND the Legend can be added to the new layout
by going to Layout > Map and selecting the thematically shaded map to add to the Layout:

User-added image

User-added image

The mapper and legend "frames" can be resized and moved on the layout as desired, being careful to keep all objects on the area of the layout defined by the grid pattern.
Note: initially both the mapper frame and the legend frame are "selected". If it is desired to resize or move the mapper or legend independently,, then the user should click outside of either frame to "deselect" them.
Once deselected, the frames can be individually "selected" (left-click)and then resized or moved separately. 

2) if a user wishes to add a legend to a mapper already present in a layout (or if a legend has been deleted),
then the user can first "Activate" the mapper in the layout (right-click > Activate or double click on the mapper) so that the mapper frame turns blue in color,
and then go to Map > Add to Map > Add Legend and follow the wizard to add both cartographic and thematic legends to the Activated Mapper in the layout.

User-added image

Be sure to save the Workspace via Home > Save Workspace > Save Workspace (as) when done editing.


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Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


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