How to resolve the Confirm street works notice reprocessor correctly reprocessing notices but not moving the XML files from the source folder

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Street Works

Sometimes the Confirm® Street Works Notice Reprocessor correctly reprocesses notices but does not move the XML files from the source folder.  This is normally due to the logged in user who executes the Notice Reprocessor not having full control or access over the source and destination folders.

Check the security permissions on the Source and Output folders specified in the Notice Reprocessor screen.

 User-added image

Make sure that the user logged in and executing the Notice Reprocessor has 'Full Control' over all the files specified. This is a normal IT security operation and not Confirm related.

Once the relevant permission has been granted to the user(s) then rerun the Notice Reprocessor.

UPDATED:  June 22, 2017