How to unlink and link an existing street works notice to a new job or order in Confirm

UPDATED: June 22, 2017

Unlinking Notices:
To Unlink a street works notice from a Job select the Clear Link to Notice option from the Notice button. on the required job.

Linking Notices:
Notices that have already been created can be linked to a Job via the Job and Order Job screens.

To do this the Job's Job Type must have its Street Works Noticing field set to anything other than 'None Required'. This will ensure that the Notice button is enabled on the Job and Order Job screens.

Click on the Notice button and select the Link to Notice option. A filter screen will appear to select a Notice to link to the Job. Note that any Notices already linked to a Job will not be available for selection.

The linked Notice can be viewed by selecting the Display Notice option from the Notice button.

Environment Details

Products affected: Confirm®
Product Feature: Street Works



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