How to understand the "Date Open" and "Date Sent" columns in the database in EngageOne Digital Delivery™

Product affected: EngageOne Digital Delivery™
Product Feature: Operational Settings

Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit

Database: SQL

Configuration: Apache TomCat
Date Send is when any message(Email or SMS) is sent from EngageOne Delivery to the gateway.

Date Open is specifically for Email – this is used to track if and when email is opened by the recipient.  To enable this feature for email is necessary to check ‘message beacon’ checkbox  outbound profile page.See image attached.

For SMS, Date Open is not relevant.
Aalthough it is populated in the EngageOne Digital Delivery database, 
details received from SMS gateway will be populated on the table: Sent to / Sent from/ Status-Code /Date-Sent/ Date Open.
Because EngageOne delivery use the same tables to populate data, if the EngageOne Digital Delivery and the SMS gateway server are in different time zones, then that will reflected in the database table's Data-Sent field. 

UPDATED:  January 24, 2019