Requesting a Purchase Power credit limit increase

You can request to increase your Pitney Bowes line of credit by submitting the Purchase Power® Line of Credit Increase Request Form. TIP: You must first create a profile to access our online account management features.

Select this blue button to sign in here and go directly to the Credit Increase Request Form:
sign in here button
OR, follow the steps to request an increase in your Purchase Power® credit line:
  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Scroll to section Your Financials and select the link: Purchase Power. 
  3. Under Available Credit > Credit Limit, select the link: Increase Limit.
increase limit
  1. The form has three sections. The first section automatically adds your 16-digit Purchase Power account number and your email. Enter the amount you request to increase. Then proceed with entering your information in the required fields in section 2, and read and sign in section 3.
credit limit online form
  1. Complete the form and Submit.
  • Submitting the online form does not guarantee that your credit limit will be increased. The form is a request, which is subject to a credit review.
  • Check the status of your Purchase Power credit increase request by signing in online and going to Your Financials > Purchase Power. Look under Available Credit to see if your credit limit has been increased.
Purchase Power Available Credit - check status
UPDATED:  March 10, 2018