Safe files to delete to free up disk space in EngageOne Server

If there is a need to reduce the amount of disk space occupied by EngageOne files, there are certain areas that can be cleared out if not required.

The log files located in the directory \\...\data\logs, also the files in \\...\data\channel_output can be deleted if they are no longer required and/or if there are no errors.

If the logs are saved daily, then it is not necessary to stop the application server to delete the previous days logs.

Other folders files can also be cleared such as:

> incident-archive (assuming you don't want to follow up on a particular failure) 
><eoinstall location...\batch\cache> folder - If batch (Accumulated and Non Accumulated) is not running.
> active-drive/temp folder - if no processes are running.

Prior to file deletion, a backup of the files should be taken, which can then be removed permanently if the deletion causes no issues to standard operation (there is no indication that it would).

Under no circumstances should the daily work folders in the Active Drive be deleted unless specifically told by software support to do so.
UPDATED:  July 4, 2019