How to verify the CASS expiration date in CODE-1 Plus

Product Feature: Reporting
Operating System: z/OS, Windows, Unix, IBMi
Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
To verify the CASS expiration date for CODE-1 Plus, invoke the interactive screen (G1CP transaction for z/OS; runonline for Unix; Matcher-Inquiry for windows; F8 from the Work With Jobs screen for IBMi), and type DB on the command line to see the CASS expiration date:

                        DB - Database Information
 CODE-1 Plus software release 04.2 mod 00 for the current CASS cycle expires
 beginning 08/01/2019.

 CODE-1 Plus August 2017 database expires after 11/30/2017.
 There are 116 days remaining until this database expires.

If you are calling the C1MATCHx callable program from your own application, you can obtain the expiration date from field P9OCASS-X-DATE in the P9OUT copybook.

UPDATED:  September 4, 2017