Learn to view the message template in Customer View web in Portrait Dialogue

The Message Templates created in Visual Dialogue are also available in Customer View web.

Following are the steps to make a Message Template visible in Customer View web
  • Navigate Dialogue Admin.
  • Expand the Customer domain. Right Click on Customer Domain and select Open.
  • In the Customer Domain window under Data groups defined, Right click on the the Data Group name and select New System Group.
           New System Group.png
  • Add System Data Group window appears. Select Messages listed under Groups available.
  • Now, Open Visual Dialogue and go to the Properties of the HTML Message Template.
  • In the Properties Window, at the bottom check the checkbox Use in Customer View.
  • Navigate to Customer View web (Visual Dialogue -> Web -> Customer View).
  • In Customer View, search for the Customer and Double click on the first row in the Search Result.
  • The Customer Info appears. Select Messages tab in the Details window to view the Message Template.

UPDATED:  August 17, 2017