How to roll back EngageOne Installation to a previous version in EngageOne Server

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Versions affected: all

There is no roll back procedure.

Prior to upgrading, ensure the system has no pending deliveries, all batch runs have been completed and finally run purge.

Once the above are completed, take a backup of the database and a full copy of the Active Drive.

If after upgrading to a higher release, a rollback is required, a complete remove/uninstall of the new release and install of the old release needs to be undertaken.  One the old release has been reinstalled, restore the backup files. 

Please refer to the 'Disaster Recovery' section for a list of procedures in the EngageOne Server Administration Guide.

A copy of the EngageOne Server Administration Guide can be requested from Technical Support by emailing quoting the version of EngageOne Server in use.
UPDATED:  October 10, 2017