Learn to send email(s) from Customer View web in Portrait Dialogue

Product Feature: MH Web Portal
Portrait Dialogue allows users to send email from its Web interfaces. This feature is helpful to test or send email(s) in absence of Visual Dialogue on the client machine.

Following are the steps to send email(s) from Customer View web.
  • Navigate to Customer View (Visual Dialogue -> Web -> Customer View).
  • Login to Customer View web using appropriate credential and search for the Customer and Double click on the first row in the Search Result.
  • The Customer Info - <Domain Name> appears. Select Messages tab in the Details window to view the Message Template.
  • Select a Message Template and Click on New.
  • In New Message window, Select Email and click Next.
  • Select the Message template and Relate to dialog and Click on Create Message in New Message Template window.
  • The email window appears. Enter the required fields and click on Send.
  • The sent email is visible in the Visual Dialog -> Manage -> Message Manager.
  • Note: The message templates needs to be created in Visual dialogue and should be enabled to visible in Customer. Click here for the steps to view a message template in Customer View web in Portrait Dialogue
UPDATED:  August 17, 2017