Learn to use EngageOne Digital Delivery to send a third party generated attachment in email

  1. Disable the ‘Content Verification’ check box from outbound profile used.
  2. In the outbound profile, add one more PDF (static) as 'attach2', this will create an attach2 directory in outbound profile directory (Vendors\<vendor name>\OutProfiles\<Outbound profile name>) along with already existing 'attach1' directory.
  3. Put the attachments in the ‘attach2’ directory.
  4. Modify the DIJ file (using any script/utility) to add one more entry as "AttachName2" below already existing "AttachName1" For example:
<DDSDocValue name="AttachName1" type="text" len="53">Automobile_1.pdf</DDSDocValue>
<DDSDocValue name="AttachName2" type="text" len="53">Automobile_2.pdf</DDSDocValue>

If using 'Poll for DIJ' option in the outbound profile, modified DIJ need to be put in the DIJ directory as with this option, EngageOne Digital Delivery starts processing the DIJ file after few seconds after it is placed in this directory.

As attachment is static:
  • Name of attachment should be exactly same as specified in the <AttachName2>, which in this example is 'Automobile_2.pdf'
  • Content of 'attach2' directory will not be deleted automatically so there will be a need to clean up the attach2 directory once emails are sent.
UPDATED:  August 21, 2017