Archiving Jobs in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Non-routine Maintenance
All Jobs in Confirm® are eventually archived. Once they have been paid, the system will automatically archive them, and they will subsequently not be seen unless specifically filtered for (unless the Prevent Non Routine Jobs from Archiving flag is set on the Contract).

Jobs which are raised and cancelled, either before they are committed, or after they are committed but before they are paid, will not go through the payment procedure and therefore will need to be manually archived using the Archive Jobs utility.

Where the Prevent Non Routine Jobs from Archiving flag is set on the Contract, Jobs will not automatically archive and therefore will need to be manually archived after the required period of time.

In either case, the following must be true for Jobs before they can be archived:
  • Jobs must be at a Status that allows closure, i.e. does not have the Outstanding check box checked. See Asset Maintenance > Standard Statuses in the Help for an example of a Status which would allow a Job to be archived. 
  • Uncommitted Jobs which are on Orders must be removed from the Orders before they can be archived.
  • Committed Jobs must have an outstanding balance of zero. In other words the full value must have been paid, and any remaining value must be reduced to zero by Variation. The Variation must be committed against the Job before the Job can be archived. 
Please note:

An uncommitted Job may be on an Order however you don't see this, though, in the Placed on W.O. field on the Job screen until it's been committed. To quote the Confirm Help:

Placed on W.O.:
The first part of this field will remain blank until the Job is placed on a Works Order and Committed. Once the Order is Committed the second part of the field will change to 'Committed'.
UPDATED:  November 12, 2018