Display a Float data type as a Percentage in a Label

The following instruction will guide you to writing an expression which converts a float value into a percentage, as well as displays an actual "%" sign on the label.

1. With your map or thematic map selected right click on the layer you wish to label, and choose layer properties.

User-added image

2. Once in Layer Properties, select which column you wish to display in the "Label with" drop down menu. 
3. Choose the Expression button on the right of the window.
4. Enter the expression with your data column first, multiply it by 100, and add a text value (%) to the end. (reference image below)

User-added image

This will then display your values in percentage form with the % symbol. (ex: 7.2% , 9.3%)

Explanation: When you have percentage values in a table and they are in float form they will likely come in this form (Ex: 0.072 , 0.093). First you need to convert that number into a percentage by moving the decimal over 2 spaces, this is why we multiply by 100. Then adding a % inside of quotes simply adds that text to the result.

UPDATED:  April 4, 2017