How to run the Vault Audit Report

UPDATED: March 28, 2017

How do I run the Vault Audit Report?  What information does it tell me?

1) Create a non-empty text file (it can contain just a few spaces.)  Name this file audit.adm
2) While the Vault server is running, place this file in the Vault/server/process directory
3) Monitor the e2loaderd log file, and you will see log entries like this:
14:36:36 begin audit
14:36:36 creating list file [info\list.20130329.csv]
14:36:36 creating audit file [info\audit.20130329.csv]
14:36:36 total pages [11]
14:36:36 total files [1]
14:36:36 peak [2013/03] pages [11]
14:36:36 end audit

4) once you see "end audit" (this can take some time depending on how many files you have ingested) you can look in Vault/server/info/ and find the two files listed above.


5) These files are in CSV format; they can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheets.

6) list.csv will contain information about the following:
File NameFile DateErrorProfileResource SetUncompressedCompressedPages

7) audit.csv will contain information about the following:
MonthTotal PagesLicence

This information can be helpful in determining if you are getting close to exceeding your licensed monthly limit for number of pages.

Environment Details

Vault 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 6.0, 6.1, 7.x


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