Importing address data into Confirm

UPDATED: October 22, 2018

Use the Address Import utility in Confirm® to import the address data file.  The specification for the file is given in the Confirm help file inder section Specifications > Address Data Import Specification (SPC-25-129).

The specification is based on the Ordanance Survey Address-Point® User guide and technical specification.  The document (address-point-user-guide.pdf) to the article and can be downloaded from

Note: On page 20 of the document it says eastings and northings are intergers with up to 8 numbers and are in 0.1m units.  Therefore, if you enter 123456 it is 123456 x 0.1m units so is 12345.6.  This explains why Confirm multiplies the record in the import file by a factor of 10 to display in in the Address Eastings and Address Northings fields on the Address screen.

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Products affected: Confirm


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