How to control the construct code for the SSF/Shipping Services file using MailStream Plus

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: SSF/Shipping Services File
Operating System:  All Platforms

These are the valid construct codes in the USPS document PUB199IMPBImpGuide.pdf Appendix J: Reference Tables, Table 1: Barcode Construct Codes
C05 - Commercial Mail - (Six-digit Mailer ID, 9-digit ZIP Code)
C07 - Commercial Mail - (Six-digit Mailer ID, 5-digit ZIP Code)
MailStream Plus is controlling this by what it is finding in your ZIP IN parameter values for your records.
Change your ZIP IN parameter to only provide the location of your Zip code and do not include the ZIP + 4 Code if you want the C07 for the 5-digit ZIP Code only. 
UPDATED:  August 25, 2017