How to I find the layout of the Mail.dat files produced by MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms

The layout of the Mail.Dat files are provided by Idealliance. These layouts are called Specifications. Their homepage is:

To get directly to the specifications page use this URL-
Then you download the version you need.

In your MailStream Plus job, to know what version MailStream Plus is creating, in your REPORT MAILDAT output report (not one of the actual Mail.dat files) you will find it -

Job ID: IVP123
IDEAlliance Version:          <- this is the version of the Specifications to download
Header History Sequence Number: 9999
Header History Status: C
Historical Job ID: IVP123
Licensed User's Job Number: 123456

UPDATED:  May 22, 2019