How to tell what ports are in use on Vault Server

UPDATED: September 18, 2017

How can I tell what ports the e2 Vault related modules are using?  How can I tell what ports are currently in use on the Vault server?

1) you can look at the e2loaderd.ini, e2serverd.ini, e2renderd.ini, etc. to see what ports have been defined.

2) you can run task manager to see what e2 related processes are currently running, and find out what PIDs they are using

3) once you have this information, then you can run netstat (or netstat -ao or netstat -ano) to get the list of what PIDs are running on what port.

by default,

e2serverd runs on port 6001
e2loaderd runs on port 6002
e2renderd runs on port 6003

e2routerd runs on port 6004

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