Reindexing EngageOne Vault on AIX

UPDATED: September 4, 2018

Reindexing instructions for AIX:
1) make sure all the Vault services are stopped
2) rename the existing index directory on the Vault server, i.e., old.index
3) create a new empty index directory on the Vault server with the same permissions as the old index directory (i.e., all read write permissions)
4) at the terminal prompt, navigate to the Vault docdata directory
5) create an index flag file for each drd file using the following command:
    for i in *.drd; do echo "reindex" >> ../process/`/bin/basename $i .drd`.index; done
(Be sure that the process directory is located in the Server/ path, otherwise you will need to path it out correctly in the command)
6) once this command is complete, and you verify that the .index files are present in the process directory restart the Vault services
7) More and more data will be searchable / viewable in Vault as this process continues.  You can monitor progress from the e2loaderd log file


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