Is e2 Vault 7.0 Serviceweb2 compatible with Websphere 8.5.5?

UPDATED: September 18, 2017

Is e2 Vault 7.0 Serviceweb2 compatible with Websphere 8.5.5?

Customer wants to use:
1) Latest version of Vault 
2) Serviceweb2 
3) Websphere 8.5.5 
4) AIX 7.1

Per James Lee:
We validated that ServiceWeb2 (latest version) can be installed on Websphere 8.5.5 under AIX 7.1. The wrinkle is that the web.xml file in ServiceWeb2.war file must be modified before deployment. The Websphere admin menu does not seem to have a way to redirect how configuration files are handled. Basic instructions are below.
The ServicedWeb2.war must have its web.xml file modified before it is deployed to Websphere 8.5.5
Modify war file to update the WEB-INF/web.xml for hostname and port. These are the Vault hostname and the port the e2serverd listens on. You can use a tool like 7zip to update the web.xml in the war file directly.
Connect to the websphere admin console using a web browser.
Under "Applications", select "New Application"
On New Application Menu, select "New Enterprise Application".
For Path to the new application, select Local File system and navigate to the ServiceWeb2.war file you modified. Click Next
For "How do you want to install the application?", select Fast Path, click Next
For "Select Installation Options", click Next 
For Map modules to Servers", select ServiceWeb2, click Next
For Map Virtual hosts for Web modules, select ServiceWeb2, select a host and click Next 
For Map context roots for Web Modules, enter "/ServiceWeb2" for Context Root. Click Next
For Metadata for modules, Click Next
For Summary, click Finish
Wait for installation to complete, and "Save" changes.
Start the ServiceWeb2 application.
Note that the port that Websphere is listening on for web browser access can vary depending on its setup. The use of profiles, etc can redirect this away from 8080.


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