CONFIRM: How to Meaning of the Warning Message "There are no valid Confirm entity windows open to accept coordinates"

Product Feature: Confirm® Application Infrastructure

Operating System: Not stated

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated
Basically the Georeference tool is used to Plot, Jobs, Enquiries and Defects and what it's saying is that these types of screens are not open. 
Below is the extract from the case which perfectly explains the usage: 
The 'Georeference' tool is used to record coordinates and/or a Feature/Site against the following Confirm entities: 
• Defect 
• Enquiry 
• Job 
• Street Works 
Georeference tool is not able to be used against Feature entity apparently. 
This tool is intended to be used when a form for one of the above entities is open, so the error prompted means that none of the above entities' screen is opened. 
For Feature entity, if you want a feature to be flagged to be updated on its corresponding map layer each time a feature is added, amended, or deleted, then you will need to make use of the Referential Integrity Agent. 
How to configure Referential Integrity (as derived in the MapView.pdf attached), special notes for Feature entity on item #4 below: 
1. Ensure that both modules 0425 and 0440 are enabled. 
2. On the Map Settings screen specify a registered map layer for each Confirm entity type required for Referential Integrity. The exception is Confirm Feature entity types, see step 4. 
Note: With the exception of the GPS Logging, layers are not created automatically. Blank entity layers can be supplied upon request. 
3. Use the Map Workspace Manager to register each layer required for Referential Integrity as specified in the Map System Settings screen. 
4. When setting up Referential Integrity to work with Feature entity types the user can set different map layers for each of their Feature groups. For each Feature Group set the appropriate map layer within the Map Layer field on the Feature Group screen. 
5. The entities that are to be updated must be plotted and exist on their configured Referential Integrity map layer. 
6. On the Referential Integrity Agent set the correct database and an Agent Supervisor email address. 
UPDATED:  November 17, 2017