How to redirect paths in EngageOne Vault

UPDATED: April 21, 2017

The EngageOne Vault environment can be configured to redirect resources to locations other than the defaults, for example the download directory, or the storage directory.

This information can be found in the Customizing Guide, and these paths are set in server.ini found in the root of the server folder of your Vault installation.
Keywords and parameters:
DownloadPath - This is the location that the Automated Data Manager (ADM) scans for incoming resources for ingestion of output data streams and associated files. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\download\.
PageDataPath - The file storage location for compressed streams and journals. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\pagedata\
IndexPath - The location for storing indexes and customer records. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\index\
DocDataPath - The location for storing document records. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\docdata\
InfoPath - The location where results from .info or audit.adm requests. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\info\
RemovedPath - The location where page files, document files and journals are moved to after a remove request. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\removed\
DistributionPath - The image of the client used by loader to keep desktops up to date. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\distrib\
BackupPath - This path is used to store backup of index resulting from an indexbackup.adm request. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\backup\
ProcessPath - This is used to store intermediate ADM load results that need further processing. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\process\
WorkPath - This is used to store files currently being worked on by ADM, compressed files waiting for their journal or vice versa. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\work\
ResourcePath - This is where resource packs, such as .HIP and .HIM files, are stored until needed. Default directory: Vault_installation\server\resource\
Storagemodel - This changes the storage layout of the .drd and .drp files.
0/1: standard drd -> docdata, drp, jrn -> pagedata
2: year drd,drp,jrn -> storage\yyyy
3: month drd,drp,jrn -> storage\yyyy\mm
4: day drd,drp,jrn -> storage\yyyy\mm\dd
When an alternate storage model is enabled, data files are stored under the storage path directory specified. Like other Vault paths it can be redirected from its default location.

For example in server.ini:

Therefore, if using storage model 2, based on the example above, the path would be F:\Vault\Data\Storage\2017
ReprintInputPath This is the path where documents, and their resources, flagged for reprint will be stored temporarily. This will default to the reprintinput subdirectory.
ReprintOutputPath This is the path where the consolidated documents for reprint will be placed. This will default to the reprintoutput subdirectory.

It is also possible to redirect the log files for the the server, router, and render functions as follows:

For render and router, this path would be set in e2renderd.ini and e2routerd.ini.


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