How to install Vault 7 on Linux

UPDATED: April 25, 2017

How do I install Vault on Linux?

From the Vault 7 Linux install Guide text file that is part of the distribution:
Vault 7.0M2p0027 for Linux - Install guide
** Requirements **
Linux distribution (32-bit or 64-bit) with kernel version >= 2.6.18
and glibc version >= 2.5.
** Installation instructions **
The following procedure uses the GNU "tar" command to install the
Vault software on Linux:
(1) Log on as root
(2) Decompress the installation tarball:
tar -zxf Vault-7.0M2p0027-Linux-i686.tar.gz
(3) Run the install script:
cd Vault-7.0M2p0027-Linux-i686

** General information **
(1) The Vault software will be installed to "/opt/PBBI CCM/Vault"
which is the installation root directory and contains the following
(2) The Vault repository server can be configured through the INI
configuration files in the repository server's root directory:
/opt/PBBI CCM/Vault/server
The Vault ADM server's download directory is:
/opt/PBBI CCM/Vault/server/download
(3) Please note that on UNIX platforms, the Vault ADM server only
monitors the download directory for files that have the ".DONE"
extension (i.e. MyFile.afp.DONE, MyFile.jrn.DONE, MyFile.rpk.DONE).
Files with all other extensions are ignored and will not be processed
by the Vault server.
The recommended way to transfer print files (and their associated
journals and resource packs) is to first transfer the files to the
ADM server's download directory without the ".DONE" extension. Once the
files have been transferred/copied successfully, they should then be
renamed and have the ".DONE" extension appended:
    root:[~/]# for i in MyFile.afp MyFile.jrn MyFile.rpk;
    > do
    > cp $i "/opt/PBBI CCM/Vault/server/download/$i" && mv "/opt/PBBI CCM/Vault/server/download/$i" "/opt/PBBI CCM/Vault/server/download/$i.DONE"
    > done
** Post-install configuration **
Licence file and Environment information has to be added and/or updated
before the Vault servers can be run, as the installation package does
not supply a Licence file.
After successfully completing the installation, copy the Licence file
(e.g. VaultKeys.xml) to the Vault repository server's root directory
(/opt/PBBI CCM/Vault/server) and update the Vault repository server's
server.ini configuration file:
    LicenceFile=<Path to keycode/licence file>
    Environment=<environment from keycode/licence to select>
The LicenceFile key can be set to either an absolute path/filename:
    LicenceFile="/opt/PBBI CCM/Vault/server/VaultKeys.xml"
or a path/filename relative to the repository server's root directory:
* Starting and stopping the Vault servers **
The Vault servers can be started or stopped using the vault RC
(run control) script that is installed by the installation script:
Once the Vault software has been installed and configured
(Licence file, profiles, etc.) the Vault servers can be controlled
as follows:
    (to start the Vault servers)
    /etc/init.d/vault start
    (to stop currently running Vault servers)
    /etc/init.d/vault stop
Note: this script only facilitates manual startup and shutdown of the
Vault servers.
** Uninstalling Vault **
(1) Make sure that all the Vault servers have been stopped:
    /etc/init.d/vault stop
(2) Manually uninstall the Vault software by removing:
    - the installation root directory (including all binaries,
      libraries, configuration files, and ingested data)
rm -rf "/opt/PBBI CCM/Vault"
    - Vault RC script:
rm -f /etc/init.d/vault


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