How to setup a purge job in eMessaging for EngageOne Digital Delivery

Product Feature: Operational Settings
Under Vendor Environment page (From the main menu select Home / Vendor/System Settings / Vendor Environment), you will find the followings under Expiration and Purge settings section:

1. Purge Reports Sets the number of months to keep Reports on sent messages.
Enter "0" to store records indefinitely.

2. Purge Workflow Sets the number of days to keep closed Workflow Items.
Enter "0" to store workflow items indefinitely.

3. Purge Reports is for outbound. Purge Workflow is for inbound ( which includes content of temp folder also ). It will be a good idea to do it gradually.

So at first try to reduce data older than one year. And then when that is done, we can do for another six months.
So if we go by this, the first level settings shoule be:
Purge Reports 12 ( which means keep data for 12 months and delete earlier to it )
Purge Workflow 365 ( which means keep data for 365 days and delete earlier one )

It will also be good to purge data from error and audit tables.

- Purge Process Errors Sets the number of months to keep Process Error records.
Enter "0" to store records indefinitely.
- Purge Audit Sets the number of months to keep Audit records.
Enter "0" to store records indefinitely.
Purge Process Errors 12
Purge Audit 12 

When we are sure that data earlier than 1 year is successfully deleted, we can plan to purge more.
UPDATED:  November 2, 2017