How to determine if an address/ZIP Code is military when executing CODE-1 Plus

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
Military 5-digit ZIP Codes only contain military addresses.

CODE-1 Plus has several flags that will confirm that the ZIP Code is a military ZIP Code.   If executing C1BM00, the parameters AM2OUT and AM OUT will return a flag if the ZIP is military:

AM2OUT position 44-46:

The output location for the Indicator of military address:
M — Indicates a military address.
• Blank — No default.

AM OUT position 52-54:

Location on the output record for up to 50 2-character delivery sequence footnotes.
• AA — The record matched the ZIP+4 database the CODE-1 Plus database.
• A1 — No match found.
• A2 — The alias street name matched to a base street name on the database.
• A3 — Match made to an alternate record on the database.
• BB — The input address matched to DPV (all components).
• CC — The input address primary number matched to DPV but secondary number did not match (present but invalid).
• D — City name or state changed.
• E — Primary address changed.
• F — Secondary address changed.
F1 — Input address matched to a military ZIP Code.

If calling C1MATCHx, the following fields in P9OUT will return a flag indicating a military ZIP Code:

P9OZIP-CLASS - ZIP Code classification:
M — Military ZIP Code.
• P — P.O. Box.
• U — Unique ZIP Code.
• Blank — Regular ZIP Code.

P9OFNT-DPV-GRP -  DPV footnote codes:
• AA — Input address matched to the ZIP + 4 file.
• A1 — Input address not matched to the ZIP + 4 file.
• BB — Input address matched to DPV (all components).
• CC — Input address primary number matched to DPV but secondary number not match (present but not valid).
F1 — Input address is military; DPV bypassed.

UPDATED:  September 1, 2017