How to change the Vendor's root folder settings in eMessaging for EngageOne Digital Delivery

Product Feature: Administration

Operating System: Windows 2008 64bit

Configuration: JBoss
Steps required: 
1. Stop application server (JBOSS, Tomcat, etc).

2. Find the file. This property file specifies e-Messaging root folder settings. Depending on the application server used: 
A. For Tomcat, this file will be under <eMessaging_Install_Dir>\core.war\WEB_INF\classes directory 
B. For JBOSS 5.1: 
- Go the JBOSS directory -> server -> default -> bootstrap -> profiles.xml, check the folder referenced in line 27 
- Go to the folder specified above, and find that the core.war folder is in there. 
- Do a find for in the core.war folder found above. 
C. For JBOSS 6.2 EAP: File can be found under <JBOSS_HOME>\standalone\deployments folder 

3. For instance, to change the Vendor root folder from C drive into D drive, this is what we should have in the file (note the double backslashes):

4. Start the application server.
UPDATED:  November 2, 2017