How to understand how and why we should purge event monitor tables in EngageOne

Product Feature: Administration

Operating System: Windows 2008

Configuration: JBoss
Diagnostics on the EngageOne system are performed using events related to the document cycle and administration, which are captured throughout the system and sent to the Event Monitor.

As events flow through the system, the Event Consumer component dispatches them to appropriately configured sinks.

For name of the tables look for tables names which starts from 'EM_' in EngageOne DB.

To run event monitor purge, one needs to run, purge-em.bat located in <..>\EngageOne\Server\Batch.
which deletes data from EM tables from EngageOne DB

Purging of EM should be part of maintenance plan and this should be done periodically(may be weekly)
as more data in EM tables impacts system performance.

To see usage of purge-em, please see the attached zip file - Contains snapshot of sample purge-em run
UPDATED:  November 1, 2017