How To Install SQL Server Reports Manually for Portrait Interaction Optimizer 5.5

Product Feature: Database

Database: SQL Server

Configuration: SQL Server Reporting Services
If an attempt is made to install the SQL Reports provided with Portrait Interaction Optimizer 5.5 or HQ 2.0 under a service account that is different to the one that installed the report server OR if the SQL Reports Server is installed on a different instance of SQL Server to the one on which the Portrait DW database resides then it may be necessary to install the reports manually.

Steps to deploy the reports manually:
1. Zip up the reports folder that was installed under c:\Program Files (X86)\PST\Portrait Shared Server
2. Unzip the attached to c:\program files (x86)\PST\Portrait Shared Server on the required ReportServer
3. Open a command prompt on that same SQL Server reporting box
4. Navigate to c:\program files (x86)\PST\Portrait Shared Server\Reports\RSScript
5. Run the command:
For example,
RSDeployAll.cmd localhost pbi\yourserver opensesame PortraitDW XXX http://vm-sp-dev-2012/ReportServer <http://vm-sp-dev-2012/ReportServer> http://vm-sp-dev-2012/Reports <http://vm-sp-dev-2012/Reports>
Note: XXX appears in the example string as PortraitReportsDbName is not used, but a value must be supplied.
6. Open the 'RS Script Loader Log.txt' file to check that the reports were deployed successfully.

The reports should now function as expected.

UPDATED:  August 24, 2017